Broadreach House Detox Centre closes due to severe underfunding.

We were incredibly concerned to hear about the closure of Broadreach House detoxification centre today. Broadreach House is closing due to lack of funding. They wrote on their Facebook page:

"We have successfully survived many years of turbulence due to underfunding, continuing to save the lives of literally thousands of people, for the better. Over recent months the charity has faced a number of financial challenges and despite the best efforts of all concerned, we have found ourselves in a situation where we have no other option but to close our services.”

“The staff at Broadreach House are incredible, so much so that that they have forfeited their salaries or parts of their salaries in a concerted effort to continue trading but to no avail."

The closure of this service is very worrying both individually and as part of the wider trend we are seeing in both third-sector services and our NHS Inpatient Detox Units (which are hospital-based and Consultant Psychiatrist led, treating the most complex and vulnerable patients in England). However, we are also incredibly concerned about where this leaves the service users that were in Broadreach House's care. 

We have heard unconfirmed reports that the service closed very suddenly which leaves significant questions about continuity of care for all the service users that were at Broadreach House at the time of closure. Trustees of Broadreach House (and any other services that are forced to close due to funding cuts) still have a duty of care to their service users and should be ensuring that plans are put in place to keep service users safe. 

Broadreach House was at full capacity at the time of closure, showing yet again that the current funding environment is untenable. Due to the closure of City Roads, there is now no detox provision inside the M25, and there are only 5 NHS Inpatient Detox Units left across the whole of England. This is despite increasing need and rising numbers of drug-related deaths.

Without change, funding will continue to decline and more units will close. Where will that leave our most vulnerable and complex service users who desperately need this treatment?