Ethypharm Kindly Sponsors NHS SMPA's 2019 Conference


We are pleased to announce that Ethypharm have chosen to sponsor NHS SMPA’s 2019 conference.

Ethypharm a leading specialty pharmaceutical company with a strong heritage, based in the UK.
Ethypharm acquired Martindale Pharma in January 2017 creating its position as a leading UK-based specialty pharmaceutical company providing value adding pharmaceutical products to over 80 countries around the world. Specialising in the fields of Opioid Addiction, Critical Care and Pain, Ethypharm UK is recognised as a key partner to the NHS and the private hospital sector with a vast range of quality products.

Ethypharm is a European-based speciality pharmaceutical company with global reach and is a committed player in the treatment of pain, addiction and critical care. Ethypharm develops, manufactures and supplies cost effective complex medicines that allows better access to medicines for patients across the world. Ethypharm is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe operating in the field of addiction. We have a broad range of medicines to support an individual’s recovery from opioid addiction. We work closely with drug and alcohol addiction experts to help people regain control of their lives. We have become a leader in the treatment of opioid addiction in France and the United Kingdom during which time we have worked in close collaboration with governments, leading addiction treatment providers and healthcare professionals working in opioid addiction. It is this depth of expertise that makes us a market leader and a highly-trusted supplier of opioid addiction products.

We have developed a comprehensive range of medicines to support an individual’s recovery from opioid addiction. Our products include formulations of the three standard molecules in this therapy area; methadone, buprenorphine and naloxone. Reducing drug-related deaths, we developed and launched Prenoxad Injection, the world’s first licensed presentation of naloxone specifically for use in a community/non-clinical setting by a non-healthcare professional to reverse opioid overdose. This drug is saving lives every day and it is available in The United Kingdom.

For further information visit Stopping the use of illegal opioids – our Physeptone brand of methadone oral products represent the most comprehensive range of methadone products for opioid substitution therapy. They have been formulated to meet multiple patient, pharmacist and prescriber needs. We have developed and obtained first EU regulatory approvals for Espranor, a buprenorphine oral wafer, which disintegrates instantly when placed on the tongue and offers improved patient and prescriber acceptability compared to current buprenorphine products. Espranor has the potential to transform the opioid substitution market and can play a key role in helping patients in treatment move towards recovery.

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