How do we engage complex clients with venous leg ulcers?


At the NHS SMPA, we’re keen to share examples of best practice so they inspire other service providers and can be replicated in other areas.

In this innovative project from Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Drug Substance Misuse Services, nursing staff learned compression bandaging to work with some difficult-to-engage service users with venous leg ulcers.

The project worked with people who were not turning up to the dressings clinic, not having doppler studies, continually having breakdown of their ulcers, and suffering widespread infection, cellulitis and venous eczema.

Service users’ GP practices were approached to develop a shared-care type approach. Outreach work with service users was increased and their dressings were managed as per the care plan.

Substance misuse service staff made sure they attended doppler appointments where the GP and nursing staff would manage the dressings. This allowed a relationship to develop between the service user and the nursing team, and allowed the substance misuse team to pull back once the service user was fully engaged.