NHS Substance Use Inpatient Network, Public Health England & Department for Health and Social Care met to discuss diminishing medically managed detox provision.


Last week the NHS Substance Use Inpatient Network (which is made up of the last 5 remaining NHS integrated drug and alcohol inpatient detox facilities in England), were pleased to meet with Rosanna O’Connor & Pete Burkinshaw from Public Health England and Tim Baxter from the Department for Health and Social Care.

This meeting was an opportunity to examine the specific challenges that NHS detox facilities face within the current economic climate and commissioning arrangements.

It was also recognised that the NHS Substance Use Inpatient Network have a unique place within the drug and alcohol treatment sector to provide the highest quality care to the ever-growing number of service users with multiple complexities.

We were encouraged by PHE and DHSC’s understanding of the key issues, current concerns and implications of the diminishing medically-managed detox provision.

We were also heartened by their clear commitment to help find solutions to sustain the current levels of provision and we look forward to hearing back from them in the near-future to progress their suggested options.