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Market Failure and the Funding Crisis in Substance Misuse Treatment: NHS SMPA’s Dr David Manley comments on key points made at InterAction 2018

While cuts are reportedly at 30%, they are as high as 45% in some local areas. This has led to diminishing support for people with complex multiple needs associated with their substance use, and a shift from systemic (integrated) provision to simple service provision in many areas of the UK.

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Justifying The Effectiveness and Quality of Substance Misuse Services Has Never Been More Necessary.

There is currently a very prominent debate regarding the reduction in funding for substance misuse services and rightly so. The emphasis on ensuring we are competent and thoughtful guardians of funding, and that we properly benefit service users has never been more important.

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Preventing Drug Related Deaths - NHS SMPA Conference 2017

In Manchester today we see the culmination of a number of months work where the NHS Substance Misuse Provider Alliance (NHSSMPA) formally launches itself as a collective of NHS drug and treatment providers working together in an effort to share the expertise and innovation we have to the broader sector.

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