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Inspiring Change: Greater Manchester’s Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy Programme

In May 2019, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership launched an ambitious new programme to prevent local children being harmed by alcohol during pregnancy. Find out more.

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What is Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

Despite high numbers potentially being affected, many people have not heard of FASD. As a result, it is often incorrectly diagnosed, and children and their families can be denied appropriate support. Many would-be parents are unaware of the risks associated with drinking any alcohol during pregnancy.

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New NHS Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy Programme Launches in Greater Manchester

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is investing £1.6 million in a pioneering programme aimed to eliminate new cases of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder within the area and to establish the city-region as a world-leader in tackling the impacts of alcohol in pregnancy.

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