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Understanding, Treating and Eradicating Hepatitis C

NHS England state that hepatitis C currently affects 215,000 people across England and, according to the most recent statistics, an average of 1,974 new cases developed between 2011 and 2015. Despite its prevalence, most people don’t know what hepatitis C is, or why it is important to be tested for it.

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Improving Clinical Responses to Drug-Related Deaths – A Collective Voice and NHS Substance Misuse Providers Collaboration (NHS SMPA)

For the last three years drug related deaths in the UK have increased. They are now at the highest levels since records began in 1993, meaning more lives are cut short and denied the opportunity to realise a brighter future. Every effort has to be made by all stakeholders to do all they can to change this statistic, and this will involve action in all contexts in which drugs are used and among all drug users.

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