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NHS SMPA launches new programme to eliminate Hepatitis C in our services

“We are thrilled to be working with NHS England and Gilead on this innovative partnership project which will ensure that service users who have contracted Hep C are tested, treated and cured quickly and in line with evidenced best practice.”

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Opioid dependency is on the rise. NHS SMPA’s Vice Chair, Emily Finch, talked to BBC Radio 4 about the prescription of opioid-based medication in the UK

Public Health England has launched a new review on the use of prescription opioid medicines in the UK. NHS SMPA’s Emily Finch was invited onto BBC’s Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday to discuss opioid use in England.

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Justifying The Effectiveness and Quality of Substance Misuse Services Has Never Been More Necessary.

There is currently a very prominent debate regarding the reduction in funding for substance misuse services and rightly so. The emphasis on ensuring we are competent and thoughtful guardians of funding, and that we properly benefit service users has never been more important.

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